About Us

Enlightenment isn’t a destination as once was thought. It is a continuum along which we all journey. Enlightened is what we are – to one degree or another, and we are here to engage in an adventure of advancing ourselves as leaders. Clarity of our destination increases as we move along on this continuum with ever-increasing wisdom, integrity and truth-based leadership in action.

As a leader, executive, entrepreneur or business owner, you have arrived at your current destination because of a vision – a desire that’s bigger than you. Teetering on the brink of a paradigm shift, your innovative spirit

The Paradigm Shifts Coaching Group and Dr. Rosie Kuhn cultivate enlightened leadership in you and your organization. Without a doubt, we see your capacity for optimal engagement as a leader is well within your reach. Extraordinary results are yours for the asking.

We believe that our being present in your life and in your work will inspire you and evoke the heart of your intention to find its fullest expression. You created this life and this business for a purpose. I have no doubt that together we will bring into fruition your greatest desires.

We are available by phone and in person, and our sessions generally last an hour or more. Getting to the heart of the matter may take a bit more time, however results can be seen and felt instantaneously! Our work with you is about shifting the way you see your world, now, today, for it is in your vision that the paradigm exists.

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