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Transformational Coaching, The Essential Self and the True Self

The “Essential Self” is the current condition of centuries (life times) of evolution of the individual Soul. Relative to a single life time it seems changeless, although over eons of time it does indeed shift. With regard to our current life time, the Essential Self is foundational and the source of our Authentic Being; it exists independent of human form.

It is improbable indeed that words and actions could ever fully express the Essential Self; it is however deeply, soulfully satisfying when our words and actions are in alignment with it.

The “True Self” is a momentary authentic expression of how it is to be human right now. Relative to our “Essential Self” the “True Self” changes rapidly and is therefore a “way of being” more than it is a stable “personality” or a psychological form; often just expressing our “true feelings” in the moment is enough to release them without further ado.

Authentic, unrestrained, unconditional, and unfiltered expression of our “True Self” in each and every moment is critical to the un-concealing of and alignment with our “Essential Self.”

Transformational coaching not only cultivates awareness of the Essential Self it also has a listening that reveals this Self in a way that elevates its significance to primary. When an individual begins to tap into their Essential Self, they will feel inspired to uncover more and more as the quality of experience that arises from authentic living feels generative and profoundly empowering by nature. In the end the True Self will accept the Essential Self as home. The divisive constructs of our culture will slowly evaporate allowing effortless expansion and actualization of our Oneness to continue.

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